Clyde Bennett - 652-5556
Dan Hargrove - 656-6785
Chad Jackson - 794-8589
Paul McClintock - 969-1352
Mike Oberg - 670-8235
Butch Smart - 655-3611
Jerry Wall - 254-7325


Ron Billstein - 656-5658
Bill Cole - 294-5700
Gary Hickle - 656-9356
Jim Kohles - 671-4664
Art Neill - 672-3882
Terri Steinmetz - 651-4875


Steve Strutz, Lead Pastor - 652-5320
Mark Erickson, Associate/Exec. Pastor - 671-8121
Loren Soft, Church Administrator - 698-3039

*All meetings are open to the public, unless otherwise noted.
**The annual meeting is the combined meeting of the Board of Ministries and the Board of Administration.


The affairs and activities of Faith Evangelical Church are managed under the direction of the Board of Directors. The Board is subdivided into two “major committees”: the Board of Administration (Deacons), which is made up of three (3) to eleven (11) persons and the Board of Ministries (Elders) which is made up of five (5) to eleven (11) persons.

The Board of Administration’s primary purpose is: to serve in an administrative capacity to provide oversight to the business and financial operations, physical plant maintenance and development, strategic planning, insurance coverage, policies and procedures and administering of bequests, trusts and investment funds of the church.

The Board of Ministries’ primary purpose is: to provide spiritual leadership and direction for the church in fulfilling the churches Mission, Vision and Values; and to provide encouragement, guidance and accountability for the pastoral staff.

Persons who desire to serve on either Board must meet these qualifications: Submit an application for membership on the Board; must be an active member in good standing of Faith Evangelical Church; must be 21 years of age; must meet the qualifications outlined in the position description for Board members; and make their interest in serving on the Board known to either the Church Administrator or a member of either Board.

Board of Administration members must also meet the Biblical qualifications as outlined in I Timothy 3:8-13 and Titus 1: 7-9. Board of Ministries members must also meet the qualifications as outlined in I Timothy 3: 1-33.

All directors must be nominated by either the Board of Administration or the Board of Ministries. Nominated persons for the Board are then approved by the members of the congregation.

Position descriptions for interested persons who desire to serve on the Board of Administration or the Board of Ministries, are available at the Church Office. A copy of the ByLaws of Faith Evangelical Church is also available at the Church Administrator’s office.