Baptism is a symbolic step of obedience that represents the inner cleansing from sin and the new life we have been given through Jesus Christ. Participants are proudly declaring to all that ‘I am a new creation, transformed by the Holy Spirit and am truly alive for the first time in Christ.’

While this ceremony looks slightly different in every church, it was instituted by Jesus Christ and has been an important part of the people of God. We choose to celebrate this mark of discipleship as a church body. During services we invite participants to share a short testimony and their reason for being baptized. Then they are submerged in a tank of (warm) water while the significance of the ceremony is explained.

We also allow for non-pastoral people to baptize fellow believers. Some of the best experiences we have had are when fathers pray for and then baptize their own children.

We recommend studying Acts 2:38-42, for just one of the many examples of baptism in the early church.